Sedation dentistry can be incredibly beneficial for a number of patients. The primary reason Jones Dental Clinic may consider sedation dentistry is for patients who are filled with anxiety when thinking about being in a dental chair.

Dental phobias can prevent you from receiving the general or cosmetic dental services you desire and need to keep your mouth healthy. We believe you are entitled to receive dental care that ensures your experience is comfortable and relaxed.

Types of Sedation

We understand that each person has unique needs. Whether you had a negative past experience or a have a fear of needles, at Jones Dental Clinic we are pleased to offer options for your sedation.

Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas): Reduces anxiety and allows you to relax in order to help you complete your treatment. This is the only type of sedation that has no after effects so you can enjoy the rest of your day immediately following your appointment.

Oral Sedation: Often used in moderate to severe anxieties or more demanding procedures like wisdom teeth removal. You will need someone to bring you to the appointment and take you home after the procedure is completed.

For more information about sedation dentistry, please contact Jones Dental Clinic for an initial consultation.